Quem somos

We are a group that are now in our 65th year of activity. Over these years, we have grown and diversified our business portfolio. We are presently in several national economic sectors both by means of our companies and in association with other world renowned corporate conglomerates.

We focus our operations in Foreign Trade, in the import segment that originated our Group. Equally expressive is our Logistical presence in port business, Infrastructure and Energy.


Our investments are organized by means of the Holding CoimexPar, managed by supervised professionals through a Board of Directors composed by two independent advisers. We value and pursue high Governance levels, both in Holding and in all companies in which we have share participation.

Future Vision

Our aim is enlarging our current businesses and identifying new opportunities, preferably in association with other business corporations.

Governance improvements by means of constant pursuit for best management practices in addition to professionalizing the Coser family next generations are points which we pursue on a daily basis, preserving values as well as ethics, transparency and confidence.

We trust in the ability of our companies, theirs directors and employees. We believe in Brazil, always attentive to new business opportunities that generate employment and prosperity for all.


Conselho de Administração

Evandro Luiz Coser


Bernadette Coser de Orem


Rachel Coser

Otacílio Coser Filho

Orlando Machado Júnior

Antonio Kandir

Fernando Magalhães Portela

Diretoria executiva

Orlando Machado Júnior

Diretora Jurídica

Letícia Moraes Seder Souza Amaral

Diretor Financeiro e de Desenvolvimento de Negócios

José Alfredo de Freitas